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Mental Noting (Be Present)

The whole idea of mental noting sounded distracting, wasteful and useless to me.  I resisted.  Time is a limited commodity.  Since I said I was open to suggestions, I must keep my word.  I had to try it. 

I was correct, all those things were true and what I learned from it was actually  practicing mental noting was worth it. I plan on doing it on a regular basis.

You actually set a timer, I started at 10 minutes and ever ten minutes when the timer when off I had to note on my computer what I was thinking about. I was all over the map!

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    Is mental noting something you will try?

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    Can you see how it might be irritating?

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    Do you want to know how it helped me?

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  1. If anything distracts me from my inspiration, I won’t try it!
    I’m someone who works on inspiration and spur of motivation …
    once pass, its hard to come back for me…

    Unless I know I’m not working on anything, I won’t try this 10 minutes “breaking” interval

    But I’m curious if it works for you 🙂

  2. this one is a very crammed full suitcase to unpack. Mindfulness is extremely hard, but beyond that is actually being in the moment. That is truly hard.