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Maybe it's Just an "on" button

Perhaps it’s just an on button that they can turn on and all things will be approved. Perhaps all we need to do is remind someone to turn the “on button” on. I am certain it is not that easy, but I am thinking it truly should be. It would seem the reason for holding would be moderating, which doesn’t seem to happen. I am not really coming to any conclusions, I am thinking out loud.

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want as much new content as possible (Doc is there a fee they must pay for more content?) 

I say put it all on and have us request things we feel should be removed. (They probably wouldn’t respond to that either.) I am not sure there are really people there. I think perhaps bots.  Clearly I am prattling. Things aren’t going too well here so I cannot focus. So I guess, good morning and I hope more posts get approved.

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    Do you ever just think you shouldn’t have bothered to get out of bed?

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    Have you ever felt too tired to really care, even though you just got out of bed?

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