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Making and Keeping Resolutions

I know most people are thinking ” blah! not again, I never accomplish them so NOOOO way!”

But that is just defeating yourself before you even give it a try. We want thing in life but we are to scared to try, so if you want to make a resolution or two, do it and keep them to yourself so if you fail it was a learning experience, but that is a win,right? if you accomplish it, that is also a win.

Last year I was hard on myself I made a few that I knew would be impossible but its something I want badly. I want to expand, I want to grow in life.

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This year I am going easy on myself and I know I will get these done. I have to just be more aware of each action I take, nothing on impulse.

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Now I want to add, that when we write down out resolutions we tend to try to accomplish them and not just within that one year. I was just looking over the past 5 years of resolutions I made and I can say I have grown so much since I made them.

Back in 2014 one was ” new career/ job” and in 2016 it was “start a new business” in 2018 I created a new business! See I really never stopped wanting this, the problem was I had not found what I wanted in life back 4 years ago, even 2 years ago.

So don`t think just because the year has ended that you will just forget about that dream you had back in 2014, just when you least expect it, it`ll happen.

Why? You wanted it bad enough to speak it over your life.

I actually go one stop further, I put mine out there for everyone to read, everyone to see how I am doing, or not doing.

So, go ahead and make those resolutions, you will not be sorry!

By Andria Perry

Photos by Pixabay.

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Written by Andria Perry

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