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Macro Monday – Grass

There are weeds everywhere after it started to rain. I think the heavy winds spread the seed all around and every container is covered with grass. Weeding takes up most of my time these days. In summer we hardly had any weeds.

I try to remove all the weeds while they are tiny to prevent the seeds from getting scattered but, now it is mission impossible. They just seem to grow faster than I can weed them out.

Anything in nature is beautiful, weeds or not. There is a saying that weeds are ‘the right plants in the wrong place’. Grass is the best food for cows and when grass grows in the pasture it won’t be considered a weed. Is it possible that we too could be like weeds if we don not know our place in our interactions with others?

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    Do you consider weeds as your enemies?

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    Do you like this picture of the grass flower?

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