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Macro Monday ~ Destroyer of Roses

Rose lovers are personally affected when beetles walk into the flowers of their mistresses. And the more pale and bright the roses are, the more happily the beetles burrow into the flower cores.

It’s not just that the unprofessional has climbed to where, in the gardener’s opinion, he has no place. A beetle’s visit is not like a butterfly’s visit that sucks a little and flies away. Or as a visit to a bee licking medicine and stuffing its pockets with pollen. The beetle is a simpleton: it bites and eats soft parts and damages flowers. In fact, it is a flower pest.

The beetles belong to a species with the scientific name Oxythyrea funesta.

It doesn’t just destroy in roses. It also sits in the flowers of other shrubs, gardens, and meadow flowers. The beetle wounds the flowers by devouring the flower parts.

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Written by vidocka


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  1. i have to say I am sorry this BUGS you.
    (i can’t help it, i love dad jokes).

    Beetles are bad news I agree! great picture by the by!

    thanks for not bugging me to pick a color!
    (so sorry, they are just flowing on this side now)!


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