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Macro Monday Challenge – Cockscomb

Cockscomb are huge flowers . They are also known as Wool Flowers or Brain Celosia. They are easy to grow and stunning when in bloom. The flowers look like a brain,  I was surprised  to find the lovely zigzag fringes at the edge of the petals.

The flower heads are very heavy and so the plant need to be staked. They bloom around July when it rains pretty heavily. Often these flowers hang down with their own weight plus the weight of the rain water on them often makes them break.

These come in shades of red, pink, yellows and straw colors. They look so velvety and soft.  cockscomb, they stay on for a month to a month and a half on the plant in good weather.

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Written by Dawn


  1. After a long time I got these in my garden. There were several colours. I preserved the seeds but this year somehow none have come up.