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Loneliness at this difficult time

I very often think of those who are now, during the lockdown period, just divorced, or left permanently by loved ones who are going through some kind of loss, death, or another difficult period. How do they survive loneliness? There are no gatherings, events, concerts, bars, exhibitions that could save them from sadness.

On the other hand, lockdown seems to be a great time for everyone – now everyone is in a forced stay with himself. 

But does it help to be at home if you’re at a time when the inside is collapsing? Is it a good time to “meet yourself,” or does the quarantine atmosphere add even more emotional strain?

But does the constant encouragement of positivity is not “make the best out of lockdown time” and “stay positive”?

It seems completely normal to me not to shine now, to feel even sad, to be confused, to feel anxious. There is so many death around us that it is absolutely normal to feel sad. 

Anyway, if you are in such a period now, I support you and feel you. I can only guess what he difficult internal spaces you are surviving while being alone at such a difficult time.

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