The thing about studying about lying is there is no concrete way to hold everyone accountable to the answers they give. You can make educated assumptions with known facts and nothing is foolproof in this area. Let’s learn a little bit about what the experts believe. 

One study done by the University of Massachusetts I found interesting.  They sat down two strangers to have a conversation. They videotaped the discussion and then separated the participants. They were asked to watch the tape and correct an inaccurate statements that they had made.  My their own admission 60 percent of the people lied at least once and most told an average of 2-3 lies in that 10-minute period. A majority of the participants said they didn’t realize they were lying until they watched the tape. It just happened naturally. This is sort of shocking to me.

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  1. I lie to avoid confrontation sometimes…
    “Is it nice?” I give a “not bad” or “Ok.” if I know the person asking doesn’t like to hear the truth… or it’s rude to be so critical

    Else I’ve people asking me if she is wrong at the time when she is agitated… I’ve to avoid the questions or just say “not really” and then try to explain later … anyway she won’t be able to process a “you’re wrong” back then… and would only lead to quarrel…

    Other times I lie to make myself feel better…

    Basically I lie alot lol

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