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It is worth being kind even if you don’t feel like it. It is good to remember that people out there are having tough days like you do. They may be struggling  with tough situations in their life right now or may have suffered loss of loved ones we really do not know.

I remember the story Steven Covey recounts in his book ‘7 habits of highly successful people of a boy who is restless on a train and the other passengers tell the father why don’t you ask your boy to be quiet. The father then responds by saying the boy had just lost his mother and they were coming back from the hospital. This statement changes the way the other travelers respond to the boy after that. This story is used to illustrate how understanding a situation can bring about a paradigm change.

Kindness can at times be seen as a  sign of weakness. This often leads to people adopting a demanding or pushy attitude. Show a little kindness today, say a good word or just a simple act of kindness might make a difference in someones life today.

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    It is worth being kind, right?

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    Kindness isn’t a sign of weakness , right?

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