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Keeping the immune system strong

It is impossible not to understand that the theme of viruses is on the agenda. And in addition to all the recommendations and good practices suggested by the World Health Organization – which suggests an improvement in hygiene and attention to symptoms – it is extremely important to maintain a strong immune system! Of course, not only at this time … but in general!

But there are simple things that we can do to strengthen our immune system:

Rest –  Sleeping too little and not being able to rest properly weakens the immune system. It is very important to try to keep the minimum hours of sleep for each age and above all to do it because those hours are in fact rest. Trying to minimize stress and worries.

Food –  Choose foods that are rich in nutrients and as integral as possible and discard highly processed products, with large amounts of sugars and inflammatory ingredients.

Change Habits – We already know that there are common behaviors in society that aren’t good. Reduce or stop smoking, do not overdo the consumption of alcoholic beverages, counteract a sedentary lifestyle: these are some examples of habits to improve.

Physical activity – Physical activity is extremely important because, as a general rule, it improves health markers. A daily walk can already make a difference and it is really important to integrate physical activity into your routines.

Reduce Stress and Listen to Emotions – This point is constantly underestimated but a stressed or unhappy life is not a healthy one. There are diseases that arise or worsen due to the presence of these two factors. It is as important to take care of emotions as it is of our daily hygiene and it should be valued equally!

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  1. Eating too much sugar and drinking alcohol these days is a mistake. Adding onion and garlic helps our immune system. Sleep a lot is essential to have the immune system in form. A daily walk in Spain is not allowed. We have to walk in our houses.

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