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July Focus: Homeschooling

It’s the first day of July and it’s also the start of the second half of the year. I am always surprised of how rapidly the time passed by. We are homeschooling family and we did not do really well in following our lesson plans in the first half of the year, hence my focus for the second half of the year or at least July is homeschooling.

I have been revising our lesson plans and I am confident that we will still make it in the remaining months of the year, if I really follow the plan. My second child is starting her first grade lesson today, so I will have to spend more time in teaching my two big kids. My biggest challenge is always the distraction from my youngest child, hopefully he will enjoy having “lessons” together with his elder siblings and not disturbing us too much. My another challenge is the distraction from my computer. I am spending too much time with my computer. I will have to remind myself and not to spend too much time online.

What’s your focus in July?

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  1. I think it depends on the nature of our job. I was a programmer, and inevitably, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. Well, at least 8 hours a day during office hours, and some extra hours for my personal surfing. 😛

    But, it’s still good to take a break and spend time with others or ourselves. 🙂


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