Many users here keep asking me what jaggery is.  Here it is/  Jaggery is prepared from boiling raw concentrated sugarcane juice – a simple process.   

Jaggery is a sweetener that we use in many of our sweet snacks.  Jaggery has several health properties. It helps detox the body, helps in digestion, strengthens the immune system.  It has iron and calcium. 

Many States in India grow sugarcane.  Sugarcane juice is also used to make sugar where the process is different. 

However, it cannot be used in coffee and tea as it has a natural salty taste. 

  • Does sugarcane grow in your country?

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  1. Found your post, thanks, Grace. I use it in my coffee and have tried it in black tea and it’s great. This product is made from Palm sugar, perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice a salty taste… Is it any good for circulation? Ivé got a progressive diabetic condition in my hands, which just “die” on me every so often. Try holding an electronic mouse with someone else’s hands, that’s how it feels anyhow. Lol.


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