Indian Jaggery Powder Is Like Sugar, But It's Not!

 My wife brought home some jaggery powder yesterday. It’s a sugar alternative from India. Have you tried Jiva Jaggery Powder instead of ordinary white sugar? The substance is produced from only one ingredient palm sugar, (Jaggery) and contains no preservatives or other additives, etc. 

Only freshly ground Jaggery grown in India is used and nothing else! Jaggery is a natural sweetener that is being used widely as a healthier replacement for cane sugar. It is also known as Gur or Panela and is similar to the product you can easily add it to your coffee, tea or milk. ts used around the world called Tapa Dulce, Piloncillo, Gula Melaka, Namtan Tanode, and Kokuto and Palm Sugar. Not all Jaggery is granulated, but the one our health shop in South-Africa. Being granulated makes it much easier to use than the traditional cubes of jaggery.

NOTE: It is obviously a different taste but really quite pleasant in my coffee and when I’ve tried it in some black tea, I will write about it here.


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