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Every year at around this time, there is a problem, almost akin to that movie “Groundhog Day”, I make the inference because of the citizens of that town, Punxsutawney where it is very apparent that they have zero recall. 

Every December there is that frenzied search for paraphernalia and accouterments, most of which are returned, and by around 15 January, swapped out for other goods but mostly returned for cash. What if we decide to sidestep this seasonal amnesia and stop, just stop clamoring for the stuff. 

Here is a memorable clip of the said cult film, “Groundhog Day”


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  1. I have the worry of running out of money every day, every week, and every month. It seems sometimes that the more I write the more I also seem to fall behind. SIGH one day I would love to look into my bank account and see so much more than I expected

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