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Italy – a memory

Will Italy now  invite tourists the way it did before COVID-19?  There is so much out there for tourists to take back memories.  I have memories.  

It was just a 2-day  affair.  We took the road from Switzerland early one morning and got our first experience travelling by the water bus to land at Venice.  We visited a glass factory, St. Mark’s square and the next day covered Rome and Pissa. 

Rome for me was precious as I got to visit the Basilica.  The Triveni Fountain was yet another memory  about which I had only known  from the song – ‘Three coins in a fountain’ by Connie Francis.  I made my 3 wishes. The Leaning Tower of Pissa was real!!! 

I did not take that ride in that gondola as I found the water dirty.  But now due to COVID-19 the water I believe is clear as crystal and animals are seen there. 

  • Will they now assure that the water in the canals will stay clean? stay clean as it is seen now?

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    • No


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  1. Nice memories, this posts brings me back to my trip to Rome many years ago. Travelling is wonderful, but many places in the world have been ruined because of overtourism. Hopefully, in the future there will be more balance.


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