It is time for roses to bloom at Solitaire

We have a few varieties of roses although some have disappeared. I like to see those red shoots followed by buds. 

Nature these days is inconsistent in that it started raining at the time I should have trimmed the roses. If roses are not trimmed and the  soil not changed the results will be dismal.  Hopefully I can still do it. Unlike other flowers roses need a lot of attention. 

The newly planted roses have the mother plant outgrowing the grafted rose.  One has to be vigilant as otherwise the mother plant will grow killing the grafted rose. Each time it shows up it needs to be nipped. 

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  1. I do not do any planting so therefore not successful. I do not have a green thumb. I killed a cactus once so will not plant things and the only place would be on our porch and do not want things in the way of my cat walking around on the ledges.


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