Is It Content That Gets People to Want to Read your Copy?

Like many things in life, an answer to such a question as: “is content better than copy” is not a case of yes or no. I believe that in order to really succeed, we need both, but, perhaps it is more useful to think of content as the primary driver of traffic while copy could be seen as the traffic converter. 

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If for example, you have a content strategy that works for you, one of the important outcomes is that some readers will come back for more, and generating return visits; of whom, some might like the content enough to share around the internet, generating new visitors to your blog. Once those people are on your site, however, and looking at one of your important Landing Pages, it is the job of the copy to stir the call to action, both the inquiry and the sale?

One aspect I have not understood concerning writing for sites like Virily is the fact that they all plead poverty and shout foul, almost indignantly, the moment they “catch” you transgressing their rules and make no secret of the shame you are raining down on them, while you still see high-grade advertising, (Amazon) gracing the pages of writers, (not-admins) drawing and providing top quality readership of content written by the prostitute-like content writers for their admin pimps wh don’t pay a cent as tey stroll off to their banks to cash out the blood-money. 

So, who is the real demon here? NB. If you have not read Jaylar’s content, you are losing out. She exposes them all BUCK-NAKED


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