Refund for Bayer stockholders

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If you took a loss after investing in Bayer stock over the last year, then you could possibly obtain some sort of refund.  In five years, the stock price for Bayer has gone from $38.99 to $18.78.  When Bayer bought Monsanto in 2018, Bayer also took on all of the litigation that Monsanto is dealing with due to the weed killer RoundUp.  The weed killer has an active ingredient that causes cancer to whomever chooses to use RoundUp.

In this case of ineptitude, shareholders have certain options that they can utilize because they did not know that this acquisition has the potential to destroy Bayer.  Bayer acquiring Monsanto for the purpose of duping investors is fraud.  Here is who you need to contact if you currently have Bayer stock.


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