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Interesting Story of Rolls Royce

It is said that once Nawab of Bahawalpur was on the tour of london. One day he went to Rolls Royce company in an ordinary dress. Rolls Royce were the most expensive cars in that time. The servants of Rolls Royce probably not expecting an ordinary man in their company. They behaved Ridicule offending to Nawab.

On the very next day, Nawab came back to that company but this time he was in his proper dress. He buy six Rolls Royce cars and order to use these cars for the transportation of city wastage in his state.

It is said that after this incident, the market value of Rolls Royce effected badly. Peoples use to make fun when they hear the name of Rolls Royce. Finally the owner of Rolls Royce company came to Bahawalpur and apologised for the behaviour of his employs, gifted six more Rolls Royce cars to Nawab and requested to stop the use of these car for wastage transportation.

After the independence of Pakistan, Nawab of Bahawalpur gifted one of the Rolls Royce car to Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder and first Governor General of Pakistan.)

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