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If you don't have stockings, color the legs!

During World War II, when the nylon shortage hit, the production of various wearable products was also affected and various nylon-made apparel and decoration products disappeared from the market.

In simple words , we can call a type of plastic called nylon which is used in the manufacture of various products . Nylon manufactured products and numerous products are being used worldwide and the same is also used in manufacture of nylon clothing.

In the era of World War II, it was a fashion for Western and Europe women to wear long nylon stockings. at that time, according to the fashion and culture of the women, women wore nylon stockings with skirts on their legs. These socks were considered an indispensable component of clothing for exiting the house and attending special events.

Then the women came up with a great solution to the nylon shortage. They started resorting to colors to cover the legs. Women begun to move out of the house after choosing a favorite color and dye the legs with the help of a specific brush or cloth.

This job was done with such skill that at first glance it was difficult to guess if a woman was wearing nylon socks or dyed skin. On the one hand, women fulfilled their fashion and their needs and on the other hand, companies of different types of colors also got new ways of business.

At that time, advertising used to make women believe, that their prepared paint would make the viewer think that you are wearing nylon stockings.

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