I Find this SO frustrating

Everyone here is able to post anything they want. And sometimes it is time to put the fire. Why do we choose to reward people who simply stop by to complain?  If you are here rarely and every time you stop by you criticize, what is the point? And why on earth do we take the bait? Why do regular users who support the site respond.

So here’s my new plan. When I see this happen I am not going to respond to the post. I am going to be disappointed in those who reward this kind of behavior.  I am going to message a hashtag to keep true to myself #waternotfire.

  • Is this a better way of showing disapointment?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Aren’t we better than this?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t believe in ignoring the bad/problems. Any users with a problem who couldn’t get help from admin could try find out from other uses, perhaps some have the answers. The admins aren’t responsive, we’re on our own … where do we post to get help then?

    On other forums?
    Sometimes the problem is a vicious cycle.

    But I don’t agree with bashing and lies. Anything that is slandering.

      • I surely don’t meant it that way. I know you’re concern … but I also wish that people can get their confusions clarified and if that clarification can help others who read the post too, it’ll be killing 2 birds (or even much more birds) with one stone.

        But since many of us knows the admin don’t respond. The support/contact button is as good as “unless” or just an ornament. We’ve really very limited choices when it comes to getting help with stuffs.

  2. Not really sure what you mean by this post to be honest: do you mean writers here criticising others, making negative comments on their posts? Or do you mean posting blogs here about complaining subjects? I agree, we should try not to be negative, but sometimes we all have to just let the frustrations out, express ourselves! Better out than in.

    • I am sure many won’t understand. There are few people who just drop by to slam the site and it bothers me. People buy into and comment and fuel the fire. I would like to put the fire out with water. It is probably best that I simply walk away today.

      • Ah I see. I haven’t actually seen any blogs here dissing the site, but I am sure there are some, as you say. I don’t see anything wrong though with posting about genuine frustrations, things that could be improved upon. Hopefully the site admin will take that as useful feedback and may make necessary changes. But I agree; sadly, some people just like complaining for its own sake.

        • There is a contact email for support and a private message option as well. I assume that complaining pays off people a lot of people get on board. It disappoints me, and it is probably none of my concern. I should just shut up.

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