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I don't want to stop…

I don’t want to stop. Not in the sense of constantly rushing somewhere. No! In another sense. It seems to me that a man stops when he captures his point of view. To anything – to some meaning (for example, relationships, friendship, life), to style, to progress.

It may seem that a person who always holds the same view, is strong, has a solid foundation, is an authority, well-versed in something. It doesn’t seem that way to me anymore. 

I have my doubts about who is 100% one-sided about himself. I guess it’s often the result of internal complexes and stagnation. I think so now, but when I have had fewer experiences and events in life, I have no such thoughts.

It is interesting that you live and feel how things are changing inside of you. How they unfold like roses. The previously hard green compressed bud starts to open its petals, show colors, curves and you begin to find yourself deeper and deeper.

What kind of things I find out! I notice tendentious things, by example – what kind of people attract me. I find that there is more than one script. And I am different to different ones – to some, I am gentler, more affectionate, I enjoy refuge and concern. To others – I want to conquer, I am strong and brave charming.

I want to keep my gaze open to the outside and inwardly. I don’t want to stop because the things I find in the environment and in myself are something that is worth living for. And they are changing, so my attitude is changing too.

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