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I Dare You!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with brothers who were always daring me to do something. I fell for it over and over. Still some of the things we laugh the hardest about were some of the silly dares that we took on and challenged. So here’s a twist on Challenges. (Yes, understand that challenges are not new, but perhaps with a dare they are different.)

I have gone all over the world with Doc on his wanders. (My husband goes to revisit them often.)

I DARE you to create a five day vacation for Doc in a wander! The first one to accept the dare (sorry Doc you can’t play ~ will get a fun suprise) 

I also hope that person with dare someone else to do some kind of post. 

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    • It could be for you and you could get rewarded. All you do is make a post that included some pictures of something you would like DocAnderson to see.

      If no one else does it today – I will guess I will have to do it myself and then no else gets the reward. That would be sad.