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How to Learn Something New in 5 Hours a Week

Today, I have watched motivational videos about learning. We live in a world based on knowledge, but many of us still have not changed the way we receive it. Even in a situation of catastrophic lack of time, one can shorten the process of learning something to 5 hours a week.

Five hours of training per week is the recommended time, which is the key to future success.

Add this time to your schedule is very simple. Reading is one of the best ways to learn about something new or to expand your knowledge in some area. To make reading a real learning experience, select a topic (or several topics) that you have a particular interest in.

If sitting with a book for an hour every day is difficult, consider an audiobook. While listening to the audio, you can do any household chores while learning.

Free online lectures, TED talks, many different videos and open-source study programs from universities and organizations can be also really helpful. This is my favorite way of learning.

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