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Hold Up!

I am certain that you are all going to laugh! However I am having an issue with a word and I cannot figure it out. I have totally lost a word! I know it exists because I have heard it all my life.  We use it on the ranch all the time.  I cannot seem to find the way to properly use it in writing. (I hope I just need more sleep.) 

When you want a horse to stop you say it. Poof! It is simply out of my head. Someone is going to have to read my broken mind and help me figure out the word!

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  1. The answer is already given by the good guys here. I have also experienced that glitch in the memory. In the past few days I was struggling to remember family names of 3 people – an actor, basketball player and a former colleague. I had to use Google to help me.

  2. Whoa comes to mind instantly when I read this. This happens to me all the time. Losing a word, it is just gone on certain days. This is what happens with mental fatigue by the way.

    • Oh! A million thanks. I have no idea where it went, and I really needed it! I am guessing mental fatigue makes me lose words. I am going to have to learn more about that whole process and fix it my life, when I can find some extra time to do that.

      • I lost a word the other day when talking to my customer. Luckily my boss was there and saw I was struggling – he stepped in.

        It happens to all of us.
        The reality of mental fatigue is huge!