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Healthy summer habits

The heat is already being felt and, as such, there are some habits to adopt that can help to reach the desired body and to avoid some mistakes, responsible for the weight gain during the summer.

Maintain 5 meals a day: Create and maintain a food routine, with several meals during the day, in order to correctly distribute your calorie intake and maintain a stable intestinal transit. If you get your body used to eating at certain times, it will be easier to avoid skipping meals during the summer, behavior responsible for extra calorie consumption and weight gain.

Drinking a lot of water: If you are not in the habit of drinking water regularly, this is a routine that should be taken into account and is especially important in the summer, as we dehydrate more easily. Cold teas or sugar-free soft drinks are a way to help you drink the 2-2.5L of fluids you need daily. A dehydrated organism is a body that retains more fat and is therefore heavier.

Exercise regularly: Exercise is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle and an essential element in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Discover the activity you enjoy most, be it swimming, walking, running or cycling, and bet on it. You will see that when cultivating taste, you will want to practice every day, even when you have a vacation.

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