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Hand-washing the clothes

Before the invention of the washing machine, people use hands to wash the dirty clothes. For the wealthy families, they hire the so called laundry woman for the difficult chore. In some areas in the city, washing clothes has become a livelihood especially the poor women who can augment the meager wages that her husband earns.

In this modern time, the washing machine comes with a dryer which makes the laundry job easier. After the clothes are washed by the machine, the clothes will stay for some minutes for the spinning process to remove water. And although it is not really dry, the laundered clothes can be hung in the clothesline for further drying.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Hand washing seems to take forever to get the clothes clean. I have a washing machine, but, no dryer. I dry my clothes out on my porch when the weather is nice and inside when not. I have hand washed clothes and it is no picnic.

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