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Great Drive

We had a wonderful drive. We stayed much longer than expected.  We saw baby mountain goats. We saw a black bear with two cubs. We saw two moose.  We took up a little picnic lunch and ate in the car. It did not seem prudent to walk about with all the wildlife that was about. My son tries to take me on a drive at least once a month. It was a nice outing.

We get along very well and seem to work things out together. I guess we have what some might call a symbiotic relationship. We are good for each other and learn from each other. We have different areas of expertise.  It is good to have a son that is also a friend and confidant.

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  1. Wow you saw so much wildlife that I envy your ride. I would enjoy that type of excusion very much even though I live in the city right now and we also have our share of wildlife in it like deers, foxes, racoons, hares and even bears at the end of the winter when they come down because there is not enough food when they come out of hibernation and decide to take a trek in the city to forage gabage cans etc. whereabouts did you take that fantastic ride, if you do not mind my asking?

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