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Golden Moments of a Sunset

Caught this sunset yesterday from my deck. We have had tons of rain with rare sunsets lately. But finally a day full of sunshine and I captured the beauty.

Had a little tumble yesterday, and passed out for a few minutes. My socks on my hardwood floors caused me to slide and injure both knees. Down I went. Very scary but I survived. Not really sure how it all happened, it was so fast. But I was passed out for about two minutes. Not sure if any of you have ever passed out but your life flashes before your eyes, literally. 

Probably pulled ligaments. But I will survive. Just a scary thing that all happened in about five minutes max. Our bodies are amazing at how they can endure trauma and then snap right back. 

This sunset was really what I need to see at the end of an eventful day. Nature is healing in so many ways.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Oh, God. That’s not good. You need to take better care of yourself. I also had a similar experience. I fell when I left the living room in the kitchen. I hurt my leg.

  2. I had one small accident when I tripped over a rug where my dog sleeps as well as the cats and I landed face down injuring my right knee which I thought may have been a broken kneecap even though it was a just a bump on the knee. I got up after about 30 seconds by talking some positive thoughts like “It is not that bad.”

  3. Don’t think I read where you went to the doctor to get checked out. I have heard sometimes the day after an injury is when the injured may feel the worst. Angels were with you sweet lady. Maybe Dustin was your angel.

  4. Geez! You have made me feel anxious, Carol. How did it happen? Who helped you? Have you gone to the doctor? Ah, hope you recover soon, dear friend.
    Yes, I agree that nature is an extraordinary healer!
    I myself had been in an accident several times, and luckily there was always a miracle that happened.

    • I had socks on, slippery hardwood floors. I was folding a quilt on the bed, I was sort of straddled a stool at the foot of the bed and my socks slipped on the floor, causing me to pretty much do a split and fall. My husband picked me up onto the stool, and that is where I passed out. He laid me on the floor until I came to again. Very scary. He was about to call the ambulance when I came to. I am still rattled because of the happenings. Thanks for asking.

  5. I forgot to add… the reason for this post was to let you all know why I have neglected visiting your posts. I will eventually get caught up.