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Give Someone a Second Chance

I work with a massive amount of people. And sometimes my husband can tell when I am just about to reach the boiling point. He says it’s not my tone of voice, which is good because I am on the phone. He says “It’s your shoulders, when you are about to give up and scream or cry on the inside, your shoulders slump in defeat.”  I didn’t know he was watching me and I didn’t know if he was correct. 

Today I caught myself. My shoulders slumped and I immediately did two shoulder roles and thought, the person called me for help and I need to step it up like we don’t have a history.  I need to treat each encounter like I am meeting a new friend. Everyone deserves more chances. This is a tough world. 

  • Has anyone ever given you a second chance?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. I think I’ve been given more than just 2nd chance, maybe much more.
    But for me, it’s never easy to give a 2nd chance… or at least I try to a large extend but the bad feeling still lingers a little. I need to constantly remind myself to forget the bad feeling.

    Not the best way to deal with things but that’s how it is for now …

  2. It is my nature to give a person a second chance even to the nth chance. I don’t know but it is also in my nature that when I reach my limits that’s it. finish no more second chance