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Everyone's favouorite Toblerone

If not everyone most choose Toblerone as their favourite chocolate and that includes me.  When I was having a package tour of Australia, I got to visit a Mall and spent some time there. 

There was a counter where only chocolates were displayed.  I got attracted to the Toblerone Section and they were available at heavily discounted rates.  I grabbed the opportunity and picked a few.  As I was waiting to pay my eyes fell on the expiry date and noticed it was well over six months.  Disappointed I left the chocolates there. 

Later when discussing about this I was told that I should have bought them as the quality would not have been affected even if they had passed the expiry daete. 

  • Would you buy chocolates that have gone beyond their expiry date?

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  1. I have already bought chocolate that has expired and has not been any worse, but it was up to 70% cheaper … but what can damage chocolate if the original is packed …. if it would hurt health you should not sell it either


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