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Earning money without work

People are often not happy with their financial situation. People work hard and do not earn enough. There are very low salaries in my country.

I have heard very good advice many times. I once heard on Youtube and once I read somewhere. It’s easy to spend money and hard to make. For people to make money, they have to work a lot. We often hear from people that they have bought something they don’t need. People often work 8 or 9 hours during the work day. Some people work more some less.

I never spent much but i didn’t have much money.

I liked the advice I heard a long time ago. Saving money is somehow making money. On this way you make money without work. I learned to save because I didn’t have enough money until I saw that people around me were spending everything they had. When I get money from family or relatives I would save that money and go on a trip later.

Still, the idea of earning without working seems great to me. Mostly I learned to save money but we can saved more.

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Written by Queen


  1. Very wise words Milika. I can see, you too have lived a hard life, as have I. My own philosophy is very similar to yours. I have a big problem where I live, the people were wealthy all of their lives. I’m happy for them but, when I see how wasteful and inconsiderate they are as people I cannot be associated with their activities. I need to point out, that God created everyone and as such, I find no wrong with His creation. But, what I hate with a passion, is how some go through as if it is a lifelong party. Regards, Andre

    • I agree. I also have phylosphy of saving money. I live in a country where wages are low. Food and clothing prices are the same as in rich countries. People here mostly save or spend money on stupid things and then don’t take it as a basic thing.