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Earning by Blogging

Get the correct niche that you like and create a website or blog. Write quality articles and post them daily. Once you have created a good amount of traffic, it is very important that you have your own domain.

Once you have done that, you can easily submit an application for Google Adsense. There are several websites that allow you to display their ads on your website or blog that generates revenue. The most well-known is Google Adsense.

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      • Not true. I got my account approved few months back. I applied through HubPages after publishing about 10+ articles. Own domain or not, I guess they are more particular about the steady traffic our blogs generate. Google also looks at quality of traffic and so they give higher weight for organic traffic.

        It is still early days for me in the blogging world. There is so much to learn everyday.

        • Hi… I wanted to ask you, since I am thinking staring my blog but about my art – some of those things (artworks) I also posted here so not sure if I would be qualified for Adsense if I post those same things – similar articles on my pieces…, and I also didn’t know you can apply for Adsense from the HubPages…..? Also, which blogging site would be the best…? Also, what is needed to apply for Adsense, how many articles and similar…? Thanks much!!!!! Best! 🙂

          • Now HubPages is the only third party platform that Google adsense is viewing favorably. Once you publish an article here, it goes through a two stage evaluation. If it clears the first stage, then the article is featured. If it is very good, it is moved to a niche site within HubPage network. Niche sites get good organic traffic whereas articles in HubPages generate little traffic. I applied for adsense after 10 of my articles have moved to different niche sites.

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