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Doorway Effect

I’m lying on the couch and suddenly I remember to go get the cell phone, which I left in the room. I leave the sofa and walk towards this room and as soon as I arrive I forget what I went there to do – ‘What did I really come here for?’

The phenomenon known as ‘Doorway Effect’ is what causes these instant forgettings and means that our brain is working normally.

The simple act of going from one division to another is enough to forget what we were doing, it is not the distance traveled but the act of crossing a door.

It seems that the brain interprets the passage from one room to the other as a cut-off, capable of interrupting even the memory we carried. This may have to do with the cerebral need to create a new context in a different environment.In visiting the new division, the brain is linked to issues related to spatial awareness, memory, and movement. The point is that even though we are an ultramodern and capable machine, we get in the way of those moments that involve several mechanisms, and then the memory ‘runs away’.

  • Do you often forget what you were going to do?

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  • Did you know the Doorway effect?

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  1. Yes, I often wonder why I stand up from my working table and go to my room. Then after having a deep thought, I would remember why I go there in the first place. I used to associate this with two things, one is that I don’t focus and two, because of aging. I never thought about the doorway effect. Thank you for sharing new information.

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