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A trip to your favorite restaurant is supposed to be a great and relaxing experience for all.  The tables are set, glasses are polished, and the kitchen is humming—all at your request. However, some customers neglect to treat the staff with any courtesy and respect. And the host is often the first person to take the heat.  

So, you forgot to make a reservation during the restaurant’s busy hours! Often the host is obliged to ask you to wait. There is, therefore, no amount of foot-tapping that is going to change that fact. Sometimes you’ll just have to wait longer than the estimated half an hour for a table. (And remember, hosts, can only estimate when the diners before you will leave.) 

If you’re feeling irritated, remember that honey catches more flies than vinegar. If you took a chill pill during the times when the place was clearly packed, your host may even reward you with that special table with the view instead of one right next to a kid’s birthday party. After all, you did forget to make a reservation, right?

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    • I have a niggling feeling that the new post-virus Phoenix rising from the dread and pain will be a less greedy and more impassioned creature. Ie. If we were supposed to be”plums we will finally when eaten, even taste like plums”. From the English Patient movie, It loosely translates to the fact that we were originally hard-wired to live as caring individuals and not as we had been, till now! I think?!?


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