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Do You Like Strawberries or Blueberries?

White Carolina Pineberry Plant

Are you a gardener?  Do you like strawberries?  If so you might like to try planting the White Carolina Pineberry plant.  It tastes like a pineapple and strawberry TOGETHER!  If you can imagine that.  Sounds so exotic, doesn’t it?  (Although some people describe it as weird.)


Can a fruit which tastes like strawberry and pineapple be bad?

Great gift idea for gardeners

People might be impressed if they saw it in your garden

Can be dipped in chocolate like the red strawberry

Natural Medicine endorses it as a healthy food


Any fruit claiming to be a strawberry “relative” should be RED

Need to be a good gardener

* Learn more:  Specialty Produce:  Pineberries

* * *

Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant

Do you like lemonade?  I do.  What I like about lemonade is that you vary this drink recipe and make it even better adding another fruit. Do you like blueberries? Well then there is no reason why your wouldn’t love the Pink Lemonade Blueberry plant.


For  people who always wanted blueberries to be PINK

Has been suggested for people who are NOT gardeners

Great gift idea for gardeners and non-gardeners

People might be impressed if they saw them in your garden

Can still be used to make blueberry pancakes


Any fruit claiming to be a blueberry “relative” should be BLUE

* Learn more:  Specialty Produce:  Pink Lemonade Blueberries

* * * 

  • Which of these exotic berries do you like (or think you would like if you never tasted them)?

    • Pineberries
    • Pink Lemonade Blueberries
    • Both berries
    • Neither berry

What do you think?

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