Do You Follow Traffic Rules.?

It is very difficult to see a picture like that, but the reality is this that most of the us do not properly follow safety precautions while driving.

When we travelling on a highway, we can see many sign boards here and there around us about safety. The boards frequently remind us the importance of life. The boards guide us about speed limits,  turns on the way, houses and school near the road but many of us do not care much about these sign boards and safety precautions.

Unfortunately it has been noticed that most of the accidents happen due to carelessness of drivers.

  • Do you follow traffic rules.?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by SFAST


  1. I think that car was attempting to bow or wave to say “you’re welcome”. ?
    I don’t drive because I haven’t obtained the license yet. That’s a rule I follow. ?
    Jokes aside, rules are important but not always enough on their own. They would if we were alone, but sharing the road with other drivers (sometimes wildlife and pedestrians) also means we must always pay extra attention to what goes on, signs aside.