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One hour before sunrise, his energy has a psychic effect on the cells of the body, renews their energy and creates a new impulse to work on them. Before sunrise, the rays that break through the atmosphere have more influence on the brain. During Sunrise, the rays of the Sun that come in a straight line have an impact on the respiratory system, on our sensitivity. And when approaching at noon the same rays affect the stomach, digestive system. Therefore, the healing of the sun, of the solar energy is different: Before sunrise – to improve the brain and nervous system; At sunrise – to strengthen the respiratory system, and from 9 to 12 hours – to strengthen the stomach ie. during this time, the sun’s rays produce healing action on the diseased stomach; In the afternoon, solar energy has little healing results. Similarly, something happens during the year. Throughout the year, the sun’s rays do not work the same way. Earth / actually a place / in the beginning of spring is more negative and therefore accepts the most. That’s why, from all times of the year, in the spring, the sun’s rays are the most healing. From March 22 onwards, Earth gradually became positive. In the summer it is already quite positive and therefore accepts less. And summer rays work, but weaker. At the beginning of spring there is more Prana and the body accepts it more. In summer, only heat is more, not the Prana or life energy, which is abundant at the beginning of spring.

The photo was taken by me in Torrevieja Spain at sunrise – 28-09-2018

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