Defence Comparison?

Russia and America are the top most arms producing countries in the world. They produce best weapons which are available in the arms market today. Both country spend billions of dollar in defence section. America spends almost 612 billion dollar, whereas Russia spends 87 billon dollar approx. These are huge amount of money. If we compare GDP of both countries, America’s GDP is 5 times larger than that of Russia’s. Here I put a comparison between the weapon systems of Russia and America. Hope you will enjoy the post. Comment your views.

  • Question of

    Best Tank?

    • M1 Abrams (America)
    • T-14 Armata (Russia)
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    Best Fighter Plane?

    • F-22 Raptor (America)
    • Pak Fa T-50 (Russia)
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    Best Air Defence System?

    • Patriot Missile System (America)
    • S-400 triumph (Russia)
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    Best Cruise Missile?

    • Tomahawk (America)
    • Brahmos(Russia)
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    Best ICBM (active) ?

    • LGM-30 Minuteman (America)
    • R36M (Russia)


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Written by Paban