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Daylight – How to enjoy it at home

There are few things that we can compare with the feeling of the sun hitting our face, even on winter days. And taking advantage of this warmer energy, inside and outside our home, can help to lift our spirits, improve our health and save energy.

Natural light will always be better than artificial light. And getting the best out of what the first has to offer can be the ideal opportunity to do something rewarding with our two houses – our body and our home.

Positioning of furniture – It is important to pay attention to the arrangement of the furniture, which when properly placed can have the ability to completely change the spaces. Add plants to these objects and choose to position them in a way that does not block the flow of light through the windows. Thus, it is easier to refresh the spaces and convey a feeling of lightness to those who receive at your home.

The color of the walls – From an early age, we learned that there are colors capable of absorbing light, while there are others that reflect it more easily. The darker tones are the ones that absorb it; the clearest are those that reflect it. That is why it will be much more beneficial to paint the walls of a room in shades of white, gray or light brown, as all these shades work like a mirror, reflecting the light harmoniously. Likewise, a white painted ceiling – or lighter shades than the rest of the walls – will make space appear larger.

 Mirrors – The mirrors help to reflect sunlight more widely. It is almost as if a mirror were a precursor to an optical illusion, because in reality what it conveys to us is a greater sense of space. Not only does it have the ability to make a living room twice as large, but it can also double the amount of sunlight it receives when added in front of a window.

Clean windows – Dirty and dusty glass can block a lot of sunlight. The ideal is to start washing them with some regularity.Choose to decorate your windows with simple curtains, which can run to one side or tilt the way you want, thus controlling the light levels.

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