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Cute Critters for Saturday

I am in luck, we are seeing some new and really cute little critters now in our garden. I found this tiny lime green bug on my aubergine or egg plant. Google tells  me he is a tortoise beetle. He had eaten away most of this leaf and a couple of others.

His cool transparent outer skin  is something I have never seen on another insect before. The bright lime green body with polka dots  looked even more amazing. Can you see his tiny legs? I am happy to have taken this picture, it gives me a better understanding and appreciation of insects.

I wonder if he is related to the Lady bug? if he is, he will be my friend in the garden , if not he has to go. But he is the cutest thing I have seen in a while.

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    • The bug was so tiny in the real world and the details were not so clear, But, the photo surprised me as much as anyone else. However, I love the color and the markings on the bug.

  1. what a great find. I hope he doesn’t bug your garden. Or worse bug your house, and send that information to someone else.

    I guess it really bugs me!

    The awesome picture does look like a ladybug relative.

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