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Crocheted bells ~ Creative Challenge

These are the small gifts for my kids on 1 December. After I wrote the post about Advent Calendar, I quickly searched for some simple patterns and finally made these. Though it’s said it’s 10 minute crochet work, it took me around 30 minutes to finish one bell.

I managed to make them and hide them before the kids got up. They always like the “treasure hunting” time. Though it’s just simple gift, I am glad the kids like the bells.


Picture credit: @kaka135

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  1. Well kind of. Bro leaves his up all year. It is a huge moose antlers with pictures of his grandkids, nieces and nephews hanging with red ornaments. We have to add a new one this year. I guess I had better get on that.

    My husband might choose to put up a tree downstairs. It’s totally up to him. I don’t celebrate in that way right now.

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