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Crime and Punishment: Who Was William Kemmler?

Interesting History. In 1890 WilliamKemmler who butchered his wife to death was the first person to be executed by electrocution in the world. The day before the execution the electrical apparatus had been tested and successfully killed ahorse. Kemmler was strapped in the chair and a 1000 volts of current was discharged through his body for 17 seconds. Unfortunately Kemmlerdid not die, and so the current was doubled to 2000 volts and reapplied until his blood boiled and his skin scorched and he was truly dead.

Ever wonder what his last thoughts were?

Do you think he blamed his wife him ending up like that?

Do you think he actually felt genuinely sorry for the life he had taken?

I feel bad for that poor horse.

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  1. When we apply the filters of today to what happened yesterday at times, we have to stop and remember we are now, that was then!

    The state of Ohio decommissioned their electric chair. One of the reasons? The guards and prisoners called it old smoky.

    Because when it was fired up it literally burned!