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Convenient public utility vehicle

In the picture is the public utility vehicle in one city south of Manila. It is called a tricycle that is a motorcycle with a sidecar having 3 wheels hence the name. That particular tricycle has a capacity of 6 people but sometimes it carries more. Public conveyance is not only for the safety of the passengers but also for the convenience. The department of public vehicles here seems to be blind in not seeing the inconvenience of the passengers. How can you fit a regular size adult in that very small space?

There are several types of public utility vehicles here. The bus is the most common aside from the commuter train. There’s also the jeepney which is like a small bus that can seat about 20 passengers. We also have the tricycle as what can be seen in the picture and the pedicab which is a tricycle with no engine and powered by pedals only. When it comes to vehicles, we are indeed so creative.

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