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Color Crazy: My purple multi-layer file storage bag

Well, I might be a bit late for the Purple Color Crazy, but my favorite color is purple, so I hope I can still make this post being published before the end date for purple!

I like these multi-layer file storage bags, as it helps me to organize my papers more easily, especially the homeschooling lessons or worksheets. I have one multi-layer file storage bag for each of my children and for myself, to keep their work and my lesson or practice sheets. I gave each of my children one for them to store their own papers. They are obsessed with papers, so hopefully they can organize the papers better with this file storage bag.

I just bought three multi-layer file storage bags as they were on sale and 50% off. They are usually quite costly, so I was happy to grab three. I got one pink, one green and one purple for each of my children. I especially like this purple one as it’s my favorite color.

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  1. I keep my files in the filing cabinet and those I need to bring with me, I would place them inside my backpack with my laptop. I am trying to refrain from bringing a lot of papers but there are times when we just need to.

    • That’s good! I am trying to scan most of the work into digital format, so I don’t need to keep so many papers, but still… there are lots of papers around. 😀

    • I will need another one for my youngest when he is older as I will need to keep his work.

      I actually plan to keep everything in digital format as much as I can, though I think some papers are still need to be kept. 😛

      • Wonderful idea. I mean really wonderful. I wish I wouldve had digital stuff when my kids were young. I surely wouldve kept everything, disks and hard drives are so small.