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Classic Movie vs Modern Remake: The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian  Candidate” which was released in 1962 and which starred Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey, along with Angela Lansbury, is now a vintage classic movie.

Lifting a description from Wikipedia, this movie is a “Cold War neo-noir suspense thriller”.

Using my own description?

This movie really makes you wonder about the drastic effects of psychological experimentation on individuals (without their knowledge) and how far those with military or political authority are willing to go to achieve their own selfish ambitions.  It’s a suspense thriller alright.  It holds your attention from the beginning to the end.

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“The Manchurian Candidate” was given an extreme make-over. It was updated – from Cold War to Gulf War – and the 2004 remake which starred Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep actually had the blessings of Tina Sinatra, daughter of the lateFrank Sinatra.

By contrast, the description supplied by Wikipedia for the remake is “science fiction political-thriller film”.

By my description, I say the remake is “extreme”. From suspense thriller  TO political thriller is not much of a change.  But from neo-noir  TO science fiction necessitated some extreme script revisions.  To me, these changes did not make the movie better!

The movies were film adaptations based on a 1959 novel written by Richard Condon.

Both films are worth watching.

But only one of them is the best!

In my opinion, the 1962 version is the best!

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In Memory Of:

Laurence Harvey (1928 – 1973)

Frank Sinatra (1915–1998)

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