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Christmas eve at home

It was a usual hectic Christmas eve for us at home because of the carolers which is part of our personal tradition. For 9 nights, starting on December 16, carolers are welcome to our gate to sing carols and in return we give them treats and cash. The carolers number more than a hundred each night so you can imagine that on the last day of caroling, which is December 24th, it is exhausting to handle more than 200 carolers.

An hour before midnight when everything around becomes quiet, we start the cooking of food for our Christmas eve midnight meal. The day ends with the midnight meal that is followed by the giving of gifts. Since we have a very small family with no children and just the 2 housemaids, we get to the bed before 1 am which is just right for a rest.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. We celebrate Christmas Eve. Lithuanians have a tradition to have dinner with family members. On the table, we put 12 dishes without meat and milk products, we do not drink any alcohol this day, just share joy and love of being together. After dinner, all the people are going to the churches

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