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Choosing a restaurant to dine

When you want to dine out, how do you choose the restaurant or eatery, is it for the food or the ambiance of the place or simply the location? Some others prefer the restaurant with a good parking area because parking is now getting to be a problem. Not to forget, the budgetary factor is one important element for the decision.

Now there is a new element added for consideration which is the service charge. A 15% service charge based on the total amount of the bill is no joke. Some diners, especially those who cannot afford expensive restaurants would shy away from restaurants that have the service charge added to the bill. If that is the law then only the small restaurants might survive if the dining public would be choosy.

  • Are you choosy with the restaurant?

    • Yes
    • it depends on the budget
    • sometimes
    • no


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Written by Alex Socorro

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