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Chivalry isn't dead!

We have a guy in our household who is a fine example, proving that chivalry isn’t dead.  You can see him in the picture.  That is Lolly our pet cat  You can see how he has let his sister Pinkie eat first. 

Lolly is the kindest soul I have met in a while. He is understanding, gentle, and the mildest animal. All other cats around are safe and comfortable in his company. 

There is just one thing I do not like about him is that he is timid.  There is a tomcat around he just cannot face. 

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  1. All animals have different personalities. I also knew another cat called “Lolly”. When I was told to drive in her owners driveway, “Lolly” sat next to my belongings on the road and watched over them when I moved the car.


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