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Children In Lockdown

The quiet world of lock down is often rent with sharp screams of frustrated children in the neighborhood.  They do not quiet understand what is happening with the world. They wonder why they cannot go out to anywhere as they usually do when their dads are at home.

They seem to feel that their parents are being  unduly unfair with them and grounding them for something they have not done.

Children also feel lonely, miss their friends and their regular activity. While some have online schooling going on others do not have anything to do. Their routines have been changed and they have a long holiday stretching endlessly before them , however this is more like a jail term.

I have some parents asking me what they can do to help their children.  I always tell them to sing, dance and craft with their children apart from giving them a regular routine to follow.

My friend has been cooking with her son, she has been complaining about the amount of cleaning up she has to do, but is happy that she is teaching her son some life skills.

There is so much we can do with bigger kids, its the smaller ones that need more attention and help during this lock down period. We really need to put in the effort to keep their spirits up.

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  1. i published a STEAM/STEM set of activities out on Hubpages a bit ago (it is featured in the STEM section now) with a bunch of educational activities to do with kids.

    It is really hard on kids for the simple reality that they just don’t know. We, adults, have a frame of reference to hang this around. Kids do not.

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